Reviews Reviews (2023) Scam Or Legit Stock Predictions?

If you are someone interested in stock markets, you must have stumbled upon Chaikin’s predictions on his website Mark Chaikin has made it possible for you to know the stock market’s future by making plausible predictions.

His website promises to provide visitors with all the information concerning stock markets as well as the latest updates and news regarding the same. 

This Angrysandy.Com reviews post will provide readers with a proper explanation of the functionality of this website along with its offerings. Read on to know whether the site and Chaikin’s predictions are accurate enough. Reviews

Chaikin came into the limelight when he predicted the 2020 crash and has since enlightened the general public about the significant updates in the market. Through his website, his advice could be shared. The website also enables users to share the Power Gauge Report and email updates. 

However, no reviews included on the official website make its legitimacy seem suspicious. Moreover, reviews or authenticity feedback are not mentioned on online review websites, making it even more challenging to judge its genuineness.


Specifications Details
Website registration Registered by MarkMonitor Inc. on October 27, 2021
Website name
Telephone number (877-697-6783)
Money-back guarantee Provided
Access to Power Pulse System One-year access
Reports and Predictions Warning reports, Marc’s predictions, and forecasts
Power Gauge Report Access Provided for one year
Power Gauge Report worth $199
Latest Stock market information Included in the Power Gauge Report
Mystery gift Worth $1000
Data security Assurance of secure shopping and data protection

Website Red Flags

As per the reviews, here are some website red flags:

  • Lack of reviews from users and online review websites.
  • Low trust score of 3%.
  • No social media presence for the website.
  • Unclear or absent money-back guarantee.
  • Lack of authenticity feedback or verification.
  • Limited contact information (email and telephone).
  • Unsubstantiated claims about predicting the stock market.
  • Unprofessional or suspicious domain name (
  • No user engagement through reviews, comments, or social media sharing.
  • Lack of transparency about services offered.

Final Verdict: Is It A Legit Site?

According to the data presented in reviews, it would seem that Chaikin’s Analysis and his website’s veracity are doubtful. Though Chaikin had previously become well-known for his correct forecasts, the website’s credibility is called into question by the lack of reviews and comments, the site’s low trust rating, and its absence from social media. Before making any selections and assessing any financial advice or services from this site, it is crucial for people to conduct an extensive study. 


Is Chaikin’s website authentic? 

The low trust score, no availability of reviews, and lack of social media presence make the website’s authenticity questionable. 

Is Chaikin Analytics free?

Chaikin’s Analytics costs $1,595 a year. However, before committing to a subscription, you can try out their free 14 days trial. 

Can the analysis of the website be trusted? 

The lack of feedback and low trust score makes it highly doubtful whether or not an individual can trust Chaikin’s analysis. 

Does it have a social media presence? 

No, you cannot access the website through any social media platform. 


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