Essential Bathroom Renovation Ideas For A Modern Look

Essential Bathroom Renovation Ideas For A Modern Look

Eye-catching textures can add a stunning pop to your bathroom, whether for graphic tile patterns or bold wallpapers. Similarly, adding natural materials like stone decorations or woven baskets can imbue your bathroom with artisanal charm.

Keeping your windows bare can make your space feel bigger, but include window treatments that maximize natural light and control glare. Decorative mirrors can also help brighten your bathroom during the day or night.


Many homes have bathrooms with outdated tile, linoleum, and wood paneling. Replacing these elements is a big job, but painting over them is a quick and affordable option that can make a huge difference.

Expert bathroom remodelers, including Bathrooms by RUPP, can modernize your bathroom wallpapers and wall art with patterns that reflect your style and design preferences. Many options, from geometric tiling to textured floral designs, present a modern feel.

Swapping out light fixtures can also achieve a more modern aesthetic. Look for sleek, minimal styles that fit in with any decor scheme.


Your bathroom might not be the first room guests notice when they enter your home, but it plays a big role in their impression of you. Upgrading yours with modern decor and sleek finishes can make it feel more sophisticated and welcoming.

From patterned flooring to floral wallpaper, there are plenty of ways to add character during your remodel. Bold patterns are eye-catching, but you can create a subtle look with monochromatic color schemes.

Rather than using standard tile that often reaches only a few inches from the countertop, consider going floor-to-ceiling—the oversized subway-style tiles in this modern bathroom offer both style and durability. Hexagonal floors and wood-look planks are other options for creating a unique, functional floor that resists moisture damage.


As a natural material, marble is a perennial favorite for bathroom walls and floors. Its elegance and durability make it an ideal choice for luxe design, especially when combined with warm metal finishes or layered over a textured surface like wood.

A single framed panel of marble can be all it takes to elevate the look of a simple vanity. Framing saves the expense of cladding the entire wall while adding a sense of symmetry and drama.

Too much marble can feel cold and sterile, so balancing it with softer finishes is important.


Create an attractive, efficient bathroom with modern, monochromatic styles and clever technology upgrades. Add accents and creative lighting ideas to make the room personal and inviting.

Invest in unique mirrors for a statement piece that is more than just functional. They brighten the space and can be easily updated for a fresh look.

When planning a new lighting scheme, forget about wattage and focus on lumens. This more accurate measurement will help you plan how much light your space needs.

Consider adding bountiful windows — assuming privacy isn’t an issue. The natural light can transform a dark bathroom into a serene spa or boudoir. Incorporate rich materials elsewhere to do the visual heavy lifting in cramped bathroom.


Regarding modern bathroom design in Happy Valley, Oregon, incorporating storage solutions is necessary. Built-in shelves and cabinets offer a way to store toiletries, towels, and more without sacrificing floor space in the room. Installing a shower caddy in the shower is another smart way to save space while offering easy access to items you use regularly.

If you want your bathroom to have a modern, natural look, consider integrating wood, stone, or bamboo accents. Earthy tones and artisanal materials are also great for creating a bohemian vibe. Adding woven baskets and a rattan rug is an excellent way to tie the space together.

If you need the budget for a full-scale renovation, a few simple updates can make your bathroom feel brand-new. New cabinet pulls, a stunning lantern light fixture, and a fresh coat of paint will make a significant impact!


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