Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Inspiring Kitchen Remodel Ideas For Your Denver Home

Kitchen remodeling is exciting but can quickly become overwhelming with various options. The best thing to do is to start by figuring out what you do and do not like. Take notes when you visit other homes, designers’ websites, or even your friends’ kitchens.

Consider a galley layout for tight spaces that maximizes storage and counter space. A double island is an excellent choice for more extensive arrangements to expand your workspace.


Contemporary kitchens prioritize practicality and efficiency, blending durable materials with inviting features. They often have sleek surfaces and neutral colors but can incorporate bold accents like colorful backsplashes or unique lighting not typically found in cooking spaces. A few intelligent storage solutions can also add to a contemporary kitchen design.

Unlike traditional cabinets, contemporary styles have flat fronts that eliminate crown molding and give a clean appearance. They may include glass doors on upper cabinets to allow for extra light and feature natural wood finishes in shades of gray or white.

The contemporary style is a good fit for active homes that want a kitchen that respects their busy lifestyle. It means a functional layout with a set place for everything, so there’s no chance of misplacing things or finding them buried under clutter. It also means a modern kitchen accommodating multiple people working on projects simultaneously.


A transitional kitchen remodels Denver may be a fantastic choice for you if your taste needs to match the ornamentation of classic design or the minimalism of contemporary styles. This bespoke design style elevates your home by fusing historic and modern components.

Simple details and textures contribute to the comfort of this design style. For example, shaker-style cabinetry adds to the classic look of transitional kitchens, but incorporating decorative trim and open shelves adds interest without overdoing it. Adding moderate decorations that highlight your personality also helps to elevate the look.

Another way to balance the clean lines of transitional kitchens is by introducing some curved accents. It can be done by incorporating rounded features into your backsplash, flooring, or bar-height stools. Using round rugs or plush vases is also an easy way to introduce contrast into your room. A herringbone pattern is an ideal choice for transitional backsplashes. Using long ceramic tiles helps maintain the clean lines of this design.


Homeowners often remodel their kitchens because they can make a significant impact. A high-end kitchen remodel will change your entire room’s structure, layout, and appearance. It includes luxury appliances, new custom cabinets, and different flooring and countertop materials.

Whether refacing your cabinetry or installing them from scratch, you’ll want to choose durable materials that can withstand a busy kitchen. For example, granite or quartz countertops are strong enough to handle hot pots and pans. They also come in various colors and styles to suit your home’s design.

A traditional style can be customized with personal decorative touches like stained glass windows or a hand-painted mural on the ceiling. Homeowners wanted their new kitchen to feel like an old-world restaurant with a porcelain farmhouse sink and bronze pendulum lighting. The homeowner had glazed cabinets and walls plastered to convey that old-world feeling.


There’s nothing that says modern like a sleek, pristine kitchen. Smooth stone countertops free of small appliances and scuffs, cabinets that are a streamlined mix of solid wood and white, with no dated detailing.

Flowing floorplans are necessary for contemporary kitchen designs, especially when paired with a cozy lounge area that doubles as the perfect entertainment spot. This open-concept setup works well for families, providing plenty of space for everyone to gather around the island or at the dining table.

A touch of personality can also be introduced with a couple of kitchen signs that serve as conversation starters and display your style. These can range from a ‘coffee corner’ to a wine cellar.

No rule states you can’t incorporate a few modern touches into your traditional home. A few simple upgrades can add up and transform your space, whether it’s a new paint color or a kitchen cabinet update.


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