Reasons Hoteliers Must Care For Pet Hospitality

Reasons Hoteliers Must Care For Pet Hospitality

Pets are family, and families want them to have the best of everything that money can provide. That’s why the hotel industry is experiencing a boom in terms of pet-friendly accommodations. It’s a new feature that most hotel chains offer to travelers. If you observe Google data trends, you’ll see that more people have been inclined towards taking their pets along for vacation over the last few years. Consequently, web searches like “pet-friendly holiday homes,” “pet-friendly hotels near me,” etc., have been done in huge numbers.

People spend billions on their pets, so they want to spend equally on their hospitality. So, if you own a hotel, try to make it pet-friendly to win more customers. But first, let’s delve deep into understanding why pet hospitality is advantageous to hotel owners and in what ways.

Perks Of Pet-Friendly Hotels For Hoteliers

Additional Revenue

Allowing pets is a big opportunity to earn extra income by charging a fixed pay per stay. They can even charge if any potential damage is caused. In addition, rooms assigned to pet owners can be specifically priced. And what about gifting your visitor’s four-legged with some cute stuff with the hotel’s branding over it?

You can also offer additional dog walking services, or a dog daycare isn’t a bad idea, right? If you are planning a vacation but worried about your furry friend, consider Squam Lake Pet Friendly Hotels, as they offer exceptional pet care facilities.

Increasing Demand

It’s the most obvious reason you must have witnessed that people spend billions on their pets, which means they can easily spend this much in exchange for good hospitality services offered to their pets. Since 2016, the hotel industry has hit $66 billion due to the rising trend of pet-friendly accommodations.

If your hotel has pet-friendly rooms, it seems really convincing for travelers to book a room in your property because pet owners are ready to go that extra mile to ensure their furry friends are comfortable. Incorporate other pet-friendly amenities like pet food & drinks, dishes, outdoor play areas, etc.

Stand Out From Other Competitors

Providing pet-friendly services and other basic amenities earns you a high income and helps you win over other hotels. Imbibing a pet-friendly cuisine is a surplus. Imagine if travelers could easily select a room and other amenities, they need for their furry buddy directly through the website. It will help you beat other such hotels in the industry.

Your hotel can easily stay booked year-round, even when the tourism season halts. Visit Squam Lake Pet Friendly Hotels’ website to check out what amenities they offer for your pets.

Inspires Brand Loyalty

If you deliver premium services and treat every visitor and their pets in a hospitable manner, they will likely book a room at your hotel again. Of course, traveling with pets is a hassle as it piles up a lot of stuff to be packed, like dog beds, dog food, toys, etc., but if your property provides such stuff and meets customers’ needs, they will surely appreciate your efforts.

Bidding goodbye to your guests, especially the furry ones, with a treat container, bandanna, and a dog leash with your logo over it is an incredible way of creating brand recognition.

The Bottomline

Running a pet-friendly hotel is about providing a memorable stay experience for your guests. Pet owners tend to tell other pet owners about such hotels, in turn, generates referrals. Establishing a good place for pets helps spread the good word about your venue, be it among friends, family, or online reviews on your website.

The flourishing market for those traveling with pets has created a golden opportunity for hotels. So, if you are looking for a perfectly lavish staycation with your four-legged family member, contact Squam Lake Pet Friendly Hotels and leverage supreme pet-friendly services.


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