Choosing The Right Bakeware

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Bakeware

Choose bakeware for your food prep when stocking your bakery or restaurant kitchen. This essential cooking equipment comes in all shapes, sizes, and materials.

Glass bakeware is versatile and can be used for various recipes. It’s safe for the oven, microwave, and freezer. However, be aware that glass can crack or shatter if it undergoes an extreme temperature change.


The right bakeware is essential for creating delicious cakes, cookies, and desserts. Choosing a safe material for the oven temperature of your dish is essential, as different materials react differently with food and heat.

Metal is an excellent choice for baking trays because it’s lightweight and heats quickly. It’s also a good choice for roasting, as it holds the heat for a long time. However, avoid using metal for acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus, as they can react with the surface.

Nonstick GoodCook bakeware, made with Teflon (also known as PTFE), is popular because it makes removing baked goods from the pan easy.


When choosing bakeware, think about what you will be cooking and how it will benefit from the different materials. A dark-colored surface on a baking dish or pan will soak up the oven heat, helping your food brown quickly and evenly. On the other hand, a shiny surface reflects the heat, resulting in food that does not brown well. Glass is an insulator and holds the heat for a more extended period, which is great if your recipes require a specific temperature to cook evenly over a long period. Glass also has the added advantage of being easy to clean and safe for your family. Just wash in hot, soapy water and use a nylon scouring pad to remove stuck-on food.

Size & Shape

When baking, many factors must be taken into account. Not only is the perfect recipe essential to select, but you must also ensure you have all the proper equipment for the job. This includes having bakeware that is the right size and shape for your cooking ingredients.

This is especially true if your recipe calls for a specific type of pan or dish. Using a different size pan may not work out as well and could affect the results of your dish. Fortunately, the bakeware industry has devised ways to make substitutions easier.

For example, many metal baking pans and sheets are made of insulated metal, which helps to reduce the amount of heat transferred from the oven to the pan. This is helpful when cooking delicate or time-sensitive foods because it allows them to cook more evenly. However, it is essential to note that insulated metal is still prone to sticking and should be treated like other nonstick bakeware.

Dishwasher Safe

When choosing bakeware, it’s essential to look for items that can withstand the heat and detergents of the dishwasher. The machine’s high temperatures and harsh chemicals can damage items made from insulated materials, rust-prone metals, or light plastics.

In addition, check your recipe’s instructions for a specific list of ingredients and temperatures that the bakeware should be able to handle. Glass baking dishes can withstand a wide range of temperature changes and are excellent for casseroles and braised foods. They are also typically dishwasher-safe. This makes them a versatile addition to any kitchen.


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