When To Have Car Hail Storm Repair

When To Have Car Hail Storm Repair

Most cosmetic damage that isn’t structural can be repaired without considerable expense. However, more extensive damage that can bend body panels and create other problems will require a repair bill that can cost thousands of dollars.

Professional auto body shops use long-handled thin metal pushing tools to reach deep dents on your vehicle without damaging the paint or other parts. This process, known as PDR, usually takes little time.

Check Your Insurance Policy

In most cases, comprehensive insurance covers hail damage. However, it is essential to understand that you must still pay a deductible. This will be determined when you are presented with a repair estimate from the body shop. Depending on the extent of the hail damage, you may be able to pop out a few dents with paintless dent repair, or you may need more extensive work, including repainting and windshield or window replacement.

It is also important to remember that you do not have to use a shop that your insurance company recommends and that the law allows you to choose your auto body shop for your repairs.

Schedule An Inspection

The insurance company will send an adjuster to inspect your vehicle and create a claim estimate. This process can take weeks or months during a peak season, and while your car is waiting to be repaired, you could experience significant depreciation.

If you have the time, take your car to a local repair shop for an inspection before the insurance company decides when to schedule your hail storm repair Lakewood CO. This will help you avoid a lowball offer from the insurance company and ensure that your policy covers the necessary repairs.

Foreseeing the exact nature of the damage after a hailstorm is impossible, and it’s always better to play it safe. Postponing repairs can lead to further problems in the future. It also allows the damage to accumulate, which isn’t suitable for your vehicle. In addition, the dents can corrode metal, which is costly.

Schedule A Repair

The repair process will vary depending on how extensive your damage is, how many areas of your car are affected, and if you’ll need paint repair or replacement parts.

Often, small dents are almost invisible and can be repaired using an industry-standard PDR (paintless dent repair) method. Conventional body repairs are required for more significant damage, which may take longer.

Remember that the longer you wait to repair your hail damage, the more it will cost to repair. If left unattended, the dents and paint chips will slowly develop into more severe issues affecting your vehicle’s performance, safety, and value. Also, metal has a memory; if left unattended long enough, the hail damage will become more challenging to repair. That’s why scheduling your repairs as soon as possible is essential.

The first call you should make after realizing your vehicle has hail damage is to your insurance company. Depending on the situation, they may send an appraiser to assess your vehicle. If they do, you will want to take care of this quickly.

Once your appraisal is done, the repair process can start. This can take anywhere from a couple of days to a month. It depends on the severity of the damage and whether you choose PDR or conventional repairs.

Remember that you should use a shop with experience working with insurance companies and a good reputation. If you use an “insurance-approved” repair shop, they will work for the insurance company, not you. This can affect how much your vehicle is repaired and may impact the overall value of your car. Using a shop that works directly with you and your insurance is the best way to ensure your vehicle will be fully repaired.


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