Custom Window Shades Are Worth The Investment

Why Custom Window Shades Are Worth The Investment

Adding new window treatments to a room can set the tone, improve acoustics, and diffuse light. They can also add value to your home and reduce energy costs.

Unlike ready-made window shades fabricated to preset measurements, custom-made ones are manufactured to your windows’ specifications. So, are they worth the investment?


Similar to getting a tailored dress or suit, customized window shades are crafted to the exact measurements of your windows for an elegant, perfect fit. This ensures that light, air, and privacy are all optimized, unlike poorly measured ready-made blinds or shades that leave gaps, allowing unwanted glare and UV exposure that can damage interior furnishings and fabrics.

Shades also look softer than blinds because they don’t have slats. Choose from fabric options with varying opacity levels, like simple sheer shades or double layers of banded linen, to create a more contemporary look.

Motorization is another customizable option from a reliable company like Treaty Oak Shade Company that gives you total control over your shades at the touch of a button or schedule. This feature is a significant selling point for potential home buyers.

Energy Efficiency

Shades are more than just a style statement; they can also contribute to your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. They regulate indoor temperature and filter harmful UV rays.

They’re available in various insulating fabrics, preventing heat loss and blocking sunlight. Insulated shades like cellular and Roman shades and roller and solar shades are the best choices for windows with high exposure to direct sunlight or cold temperatures.

Choose cordless window treatments for safety and convenience. They eliminate dangerous and tangled cords. They can be motorized easily and are great for children’s rooms.

Smart home technology allows you to set your shades to adjust automatically, enhancing energy efficiency. Program them to let in the right amount of natural light for daylighting and close off the sun during its hottest hours.


The right window shades from professionals such as Treaty Oaky Shade Company can control sunlight in a room, creating privacy, increasing energy efficiency, and complementing your home design. They can also be automated to open and close on a predetermined schedule, allowing you to control natural light throughout the day and create a comfortable atmosphere in your home.

Ready-made shades can be challenging to fit irregularly sized windows and specialty shapes. However, a custom-fabricated shade will fit your windows perfectly and offer your desired options, including valance styles, slat sizing, control choices, motorization, etc.

Light filtering shades allow light to flood a room while reducing harmful UV rays and glare, making them the perfect choice for homes with lots of natural sunlight. For those who prefer a more straightforward look, roller or Roman shades are inexpensive options that fold into evenly stacked pleats when raised.


Many homeowners pick custom window shades to complement the aesthetics of their homes. The options are vast and can easily fit any decor. You’ll find shades that work best with a contemporary feel, tropical vibes, or minimalist style.

Custom shades can also be designed for a specific purpose, like reducing solar damage to furniture and skin. Some styles are insulated to trap air and serve as a thermal barrier, which can lower your energy bills.

If you’re considering new window treatments, remember that quality is critical. The right shade can improve your home’s resale value and provide years of comfort. It can also save you money on your energy bills and protect items in the house from sunlight and UV rays. These are just a few reasons why custom shades and blinds are worth the investment.


In addition to being customized to fit your windows perfectly, custom window shades offer the peace of mind that comes with a warranty against defects in materials and artistry. This warranty protects against any flaws in your window treatments, including cord locks and tilt gears.

While you might think that new window shades will be a significant investment, they could pay for themselves by reducing energy bills. And when it’s time to sell your home, these reduced energy costs can be a great selling point for potential buyers. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy your newly installed shades for years to come. Unless you’re on a tight budget, that is. Then, you might want to consider a premade option.


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