Upgrading Your Glock Trigger Is Worth The Investment

Why Upgrading Your Glock Trigger Is Worth The Investment

The Glock pistol has dominated the handgun market for years, and many people are looking to upgrade their triggers. Adding a better trigger can help you shoot faster and more accurately. Generally, Glock trigger upgrades replace some factory parts or swap out entire modules, such as the disconnector and trigger mechanism housing.

Reduce Reset Times

In some instances, reducing the reset time can help improve your efficiency. This is especially true for police and military shooters, who must ensure their guns won’t accidentally discharge when they struggle with a suspect or their weapon is dropped. Luckily, some trigger upgrades can drastically reduce reset times. One example is a trigger kit, which replaces the trigger connector, trigger bar, and trigger shoe, giving shooters a much lighter trigger pull with less creep and a shorter reset. This is one of the best glock trigger upgrades available for those that want to take their shooting performance to the next level. It’s lightweight, smoother, with a shorter reset, and offers improved accuracy.

Reduce Trigger Pinch

Glock pistols have a unique internal safety system that requires the trigger to be fully disengaged before the striker can be cocked and fired. It’s an important safety feature for police officers, as it reduces the likelihood that their gun will accidentally discharge while struggling with a suspect or in dangerous situations. New handgun owners need to learn how to use their guns safely, including the trigger. If your factory trigger is too heavy and causes discomfort or inaccurate firing, it’s a good idea to consider an upgrade. Some upgrades include a simple trigger shoe; others replace the trigger mechanism housing and components.


Glock pistols are among the most modular handguns on the market. This modularity allows a shooter to customize the gun for their needs, adding accessories like lights, sights, and trigger upgrades. The Glock trigger is alright, but many people want a lighter pull. A good Glock trigger upgrade will give you a light, smooth pull and allow you to swap back to the factory pull if needed. Competition shooters will generally choose a more competitive trigger, but even casual pistol owners and those who carry their Glock for self-defense can benefit from a lighter, smoother pull. However, remember that a new trigger will not necessarily make you a better shooter. It will just help you to shoot your Glock better than before.

Improve Accuracy

There’s a reason why many gun enthusiasts are drawn to Glock pistols—they’re reliable and accurate. That said, the stock trigger in a Glock can feel heavy and gritty, which can negatively impact accuracy. An upgraded trigger can help you shoot faster and more accurately. For instance, if you’re using a Glock as your primary duty sidearm or home defense weapon, you’ll likely want a lighter and smoother trigger to reduce the time between pulls. Ultimately, it’s up to the pistol’s owner to determine the criteria worth paying for. Whether that’s a light trigger, less creep, or something more visual, there’s an upgrade out there that can satisfy your requirements. Knowing what you’re looking for before investing in a Glock trigger upgrade is key.

Reduce The Length Of The Trigger Pull

The Glock’s internal safety system is one of its most popular features with police officers and military personnel. This system helps prevent accidental or negligent discharge of the gun if the shooter drops it or struggles with a subject. The trigger connector is a critical component in this safety system. It is a stamped piece that controls the force exerted on the firing pin by the trigger bar. Without this force, the firing pin cannot be raised from its rest and strike the primer.


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