Zidmall.Com Reviews

Zidmall.com Reviews: Is Zidmall Legit Or Scam?

Zidmall is a new fast-growing website that claims to sell high-quality clothing products at very affordable prices. But many of its customers reported the website’s lack of customer support, receiving subpar quality products, and experiencing prolonged delivery time. So, we decided to conduct a thorough review of the website.

In this blog, we will provide a detailed review of Zidmall.com covering all the aspects of the website and the red flags we discovered while browsing the website.

What Is Zidmall?

Zidmall.com is an online platform that sells essential clothing products like cotton bikini, boxers, short sleeve t-shirt, crew t-shirts, ankle socks, cotton t-shirts, slim-fit camisoles, onesies, bodysuits, face masks, etc.

Zidmall.Com Reviews: Is Zidmall A Scam?

We suspect Zidmall of being a fraudulent website because of the following red flags we discovered on the website.

Zidmall Red Flags

Different Contact information

The email address linked to the website is SALES@FAMILYCUSTOMER.com which is not related to the domain name of Zidmall. Upon further research, we discovered that SALES@FAMILYCUSTOMER.com is associated with many scam websites, which is a huge red flag.

Plagiarized Content

The content of Zidmall, including the layout and template of the website, is copied from other scam websites. 

Heavy Discounts & Sales 

Zidmall claims to sell most of its products at heavily discounted prices which is a sign of potential fraud, as many fraudulent websites offer heavy discounts to attract unsuspecting customers.

Negative Reviews

There are a lot of negative reviews on the internet about customer support and product delivery times of  Zidmall. 

Final Verdict

Based on all the mentioned facts and reasons, we can conclude our Zidmall.com reviews by saying that Zidmall is a scam website, and you should exercise caution whenever browsing their website and avoid making purchases from their online store.

You should always practice vigilance whenever shopping online, as there is a rise in the number of scam websites that look very legitimate. If a deal seems too good to be true, it’s best to research it properly before purchasing it.

Always purchase your products from trusted sellers with positive reviews or from the product’s official website.


What is Zidmall.com?

Zidmall.com is an online platform that sells essential clothing products like undergarments, masks, camisoles, t-shirts, socks, and more.

Are the discounts offered by Zidmall.com genuine?

No, the discounts offered by Zidmall are not genuine and are used to bait people into scams.

Is Zidmall.com constantly changing its website details?

Yes, scam websites like Zidmall.com constantly change their website name and details in order to avoid getting detected.

Are there any customer complaints about Zidmall.com?

Yes, there are various customer complaints against Zidmall.com regarding the poor quality of products, prolonged shipping times, and poor customer support.


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