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Simplified Loan Solutions: Legitimacy Check & Consumer Insights

So have you been caught on the call informing you that you have been selected for an approved loan from a platform known as Simplified Loan Solutions from the underwriting department? Wait, it can be a scam; rethink again. 

Indeed, this statement raises a valid concern. It is essential to exercise caution when receiving unsolicited calls or messages regarding loan approvals, especially from unfamiliar or unverified sources. Scams related to loans and financial services are unfortunately common, and scammers may attempt to deceive individuals by posing as legitimate lenders or loan providers.

About Simplified Loan Solutions

With Simplified Loan Solutions, loans are made available from personal and business perspectives, which offers to give up the sum of $75,000 based on a unique loan underwriting procedure in the United States. 

This article has been written with concern to help the readers know about Simplified Loan Solutions’ legitimacy aspects concerning its customer reviews, contact information, and other important information.

Being Simplified Loan Solutions is a newly existing company, many among the population have not confirmed it as a lender, especially in Lodi, California. However, a few who have some point of interaction with the lender may have something to reveal about the organization. 

Simplified Loan Solutions Reviews

“Is Simplified Loan Solutions Legit?” To find out the results, we have explored various independent review websites. The average rating for Simplified Loan Solutions on Reddit, the BBB, Yelp, TrustPilot, and the Complaints Board is 1.0/5 stars. On various review sites, Simplified Loan Solutions had an average of 2 customer ratings.

How Can A Spam Call Be Known? 

Suppose you receive a call informing you about an approved loan from any unfamiliar entity in such case, you are advised to approach the situation with skepticism. Take the following steps to protect yourself:

  • Verify the legitimacy: Research, verify the existence and credibility of the platform or company by checking their official website and online reviews or contacting relevant authorities or consumer protection agencies.
  • Never share personal information: Be cautious about sharing personal or financial information over the phone, especially if you are unsure of the caller’s identity or legitimacy.
  • Avoid upfront fees: Legitimate lenders generally do not require upfront payment or costs to process a loan. Be wary if the caller insists on immediate payment or asks for sensitive financial details.
  • Contact the official organization: If you are unsure of the validity of the call or offer, get in touch with the business directly using their official contact details to find out more about the loan offer and confirm its validity.
  • Trust your instincts: If anything seems shady or too good to be true, trust your intuition and proceed with caution. When it comes to money, it is always better to be cautious than sorry.

Keep in mind that con artists frequently use a variety of tricks to fool people, so it’s important to remain cautious and guard against scams.

Final Words

Simplified Loan Solutions’s legitimacy still keeps us in doubt due to its newly established and low ratings on several independent review platforms. Moreover, several spam evidences have been found. So, it is your responsibility to exercise caution in the matters related to financial decision, always take serious insights before making the final decision. 


  1. Is Simplified Loan Solutions a legitimate company?

Simplified Loan Solutions’ legitimacy must still be determined as a newly existing company. It’s essential to conduct thorough research and verify their credibility before engaging in any financial transactions.

  1. What should I do if I receive a call from Simplified Loan Solutions offering a loan?

Approach the situation with skepticism and take steps to protect yourself. Verify the company’s legitimacy, avoid sharing personal information, and contact the official organization directly using their verified contact information to inquire about the loan offer.

  1. Do legitimate lenders require upfront fees?

Legitimate lenders typically do not require upfront payment or fees to process a loan. Be cautious if the caller insists on immediate payment or asks for sensitive financial details.

  1. How can I verify the legitimacy of Simplified Loan Solutions?

Research the company’s official website, and check online reviews on Reddit, BBB, Yelp, TrustPilot, or Complaints Board. You can also contact relevant authorities or consumer protection agencies to gather more information about the company.


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