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Letmeone.com Review: Is Letmeone Dot Com A Scam Or A Legit Website?

Numerous websites, including Letmeone dot com, employ redirect tactics to drive traffic to third-party websites. However, these websites can be potentially harmful, exposing your computer to viruses like Malware and compromising your personal information.

Letmeone dot com itself does not offer any products or information. However, when users search for “Letmeone.com” in their web browsers, they are redirected to the well-known dating website, www.ashleymadison.com, which has gained popularity among young individuals worldwide.

To learn more about Letmeone.com and its misleading domain redirects, continue reading. 

Letmeone dot com Scam: Deceptive Domain Redirects

The connection between Letmeone.com and Ashley Madison is yet to be confirmed. Letmeone dot com utilizes a redirection script to guide all visitors toward the parent company. To investigate the website’s authenticity, we used the Whois platform to find any relevant information on Letmeone dot com, but none was available. Also, the website is not indexed by Google, which raised our suspicion.

What Is Ashley Madison? 

Ashley Madison, also known as The Ashley Madison Agency, is a Canadian online dating and social networking service which targets individuals who are married or in committed relationships. Founded by Darren J. Morgenstern in 2002, the platform’s slogan is “Life is short, have an affair.” The name “Ashley Madison” combines two popular female names in North America, “Ashley” and “Madison.”

Ashley Madison Hacked: Data Breach & Consequences

On July 15, 2015, hackers gained unauthorized access to Ashley Madison’s customer data, which included emails, names, addresses, sexual fantasies, and credit card information. The hackers demanded the permanent closure of Ashley Madison and another Avid Life Media site, Established Men, threatening to release the stolen data online.

Following the data breach, there was immense chaos as scammers did release some confidential information of Ashley Madiso’s users. Bellow we have mentioned a chain of subsequent events that happened post data breach. 

  • The initial release of customer names occurred on July 22, followed by the full disclosure of user data on August 18, 2015.
  • Including some of the CEO’s emails, was revealed on August 20, 2015.
  • Individuals who paid a $19 fee to have their data deleted were not exempt from the release. This fee also applied to accounts created against individuals’ will, workplace pranks, or due to mistyped email addresses.

As a result of these events, Noel Biderman stepped down as CEO of Avid Life Media Inc. on August 28, 2015, stating it was in the company’s best interests.

Malware Scam: Risks Associated With Letmeone.com

The Letmeone dot com scam presents a serious danger as it infects systems with malware and seeks to pilfer personal information. Similarly, there are numerous fraudulent websites that harbor malware and spam, providing scammers with opportunities to exploit such malicious content for identity theft and financial fraud.

The Bottom Line 

In summary, Letmeone dot com raises concerns due to its deceptive domain redirects, which can potentially expose users to malware and compromise their personal information. The connection between Letmeone.com and Ashley Madison is yet to be confirmed. It is important to exercise caution when encountering redirect websites and to prioritize the protection of personal data when engaging with online platforms.


1. Is Letmeone dot com a business-oriented website?

No, Letmeone dot com is not a business-oriented website. When you visit Letmeone.com, you will only find the landing page of Ashley Madison. It does not provide any specific products or information but rather serves as a redirect domain.

2. Can Letmeone.com pose a threat to personal data?

Yes, Letmeone.com can indeed pose a threat to personal data. The website has been known to infect systems with malware and make attempts to steal personal information. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution when interacting with Letmeone dot com or any similar websites.

3. Is Letmeone dot com authorized by www.ashleymadison.com?

As of now, there is no concrete evidence confirming any connection between Letmeone.com and www.ashleymadison.com. The nature of their relationship remains unclear, and it cannot be definitively stated whether they are linked or not.


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